Environmental Resources

Environmental Feasibility Studies
Environmental Site Assessment
Geo-Environmental Studies
Environmental Risk Screening

Water Resources

Infiltration Rate Determination
Percolation Testing
Water Table Drawdown Monitoring
Groundwater Contamination Monitoring

Construction QA/QC Services

In-Place Soil Density Testing (ASTM)
In-Place Concrete Placement Testing (ACI)
IBC Special Inspections Chapters 1 and 17
Soil Support Value (SSV) Verification
Flexible & Rigid Pavement Inspection
FAA Method
SCDOT Method

Geotechnical Services

Subsurface Geotechnical Investigations
Bridge Foundations
Deep Pile Foundations
Soil Laboratory Analysis
Soil Profiling
Shallow Foundations
GeoSynthetic Stabilized Footings
Floating Slab and Mat Foundations

Deep Foundation Analyses

Wave Equation Analysis using PDA
Pile Driving Objective (PDO)
Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA)
Static Pile Load Testing
Drilled Shaft Caisson Testing & Inspection
Auger Cast Pile Testing & Inspection
Driven Pile Testing & Inspection

Bulkhead/Wall Design

Deep Cofferdam Design
Anchored Bulkhead Design
Cantilever Sheeting Wall
Soldier Wall & Lagging Design
Grout and Deadman Design
Timber & Vinyl Sheet Pile Design
SeaWall Design